Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Ties

Building Strong Ties Within A Family

Family ties can be considered something that is always needed by human beings. People need strong family ties to feel loved and safe in this world.

The world of today is the world of scientific innovation and it is changing at a very fast pace. These good changes have unfortunately, led to many changes which are not good. The importance of the family unit and family ties is still evident, but the family unit itself is becoming less common. Many people do not consider it necessary to live with those people with whom they have bloodlines.

Although this may have some positive effects, such as, the number of dependents decreases in this way and most of the people are able to afford the cost of living for themselves, but there are certain disadvantages.

The existence of a family unit in the society ensures the stability and peace we have always dreamed. In the absence of the all the importance we give to the family unit, society will not be able to reduce crime rates, automatically. Eventuslly, there will be many social problems, which will originate as a result of the breaking ties in families.

The family unit is so important, as it makes all the members of the same family, responsible for each other. This in turn, helps retain the structure of a family, which is of the utmost importantance to mankind.

Bare with me, I realize that is a bit of a stretch, for the purposes of this post, but there is no doubt of the importance of family unit existence in this world.

As the world is changing today at a very fast pace, it is important that you put some effort to build a family life for your family. You may need to put a lot of effort in at some stages. But, the efforts you make will result in a family with stronger bondage and understanding toward each other. This will in turn, enrich your experience with your family.

Living a life which is full of love and care is a dream for all of us. It is very important to everyone. You need to put a little effort in to get the desired results.

To build strong ties with in your family you need to spend time with each other. It may not be possible for every one to stay together at all the times. But there can be at least one time of the day when all of you can sit together to chat casually with each other.

For example, many eastern families have dinner together, nightly, enabling everyone to discuss whatever is happening in their life with the other members of the family. This simple practice is extremely, important. In this way you are able to keep each other informed about what you are doing and what they plan to do. Who wants to feel like a total stranger to the very members of your family? Arrgh!

You can build your relationship as a family and make it stronger by giving the other members of the family both the space to breathe as well as the closeness and trust to feel comfortable.
Mutual trust and interdependence is a must to create the ideal family unit.

Although you need to be together more often than not, it is very important that every member of the family is given due privacy and breathing space.  This will result in a better atmosphere in the family.

All the members of the family will love these practices, as they will help whenever they are in need but, they will still have their own space. It is important that we respect each other’s privacy. This is the only way we can bring all the family members closer to each other.

Similarly, there are certain other practices which, can help in building a stronger family unit. You need to give your family members a level of confidence, as well as, lots of unconditional love. These factors add life and zest to your family life. 'The Family Unit' is a very important unit and it plays a very important role in shaping up your personality. This unit must be given all due importance.

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Hopefully, This Helps Someone!

Be Your Best!
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